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Thyroxine 25mcg Tablet

Thyroxine 25mcg Tablet - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Thyroxine 25mcg Tablet

Composition : Thyroxine 25mcg

Packing : Thyroxine

Price : Rs. 119

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THYCORA (Thyroxine 25mcg)

Thycora contains thyroxine 25 mg 
It is used to treat an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). It replaces the hormone which is not being produced by your thyroid gland in sufficient quantity and helps regulate your body’s energy and metabolism.
  Dosage : As per your doctor prescription

• Increase the metabolic rate of body tissues
• Regulation of cell growth and differentiation

  Mechanism of Action 
Thyroxine is the main hormone secreted into the bloodstream by the thyroid gland. It plays vital roles in digestion, heart and muscle function, brain development and maintenance of bones. 50% of thyroxine (T4) then gets converted to its active metabolite L-triiodothyronine (T3). The thyroid hormones then work by binding to thyroid receptor proteins contained within the cell nucleus.
Thyroxine is variably absorbed from the gut following oral administration. It has a bioavailability of 40–80%. Absorption may decrease with age. The extent of thyroxine absorption is increased in the fasting state and is influenced by the content of the GI tract.
Distribution of thyroxine at equilibrium was estimated to be 14% in liver, 34% in extrahepatic tissues, and 26% each in the plasma and extracellular fluid pools in this group of normal subjects.
The glucuronides are excreted in bile, acting as intermediates in the enterohepatic cycle and fecal excretion of thyroid hormone.
• overactive thyroid gland.
• thyrotoxicosis crisis.
• diabetes.
• pituitary hormone deficiency.
• a condition where the adrenal glands produce less hormones called Addison's disease.
• osteoporosis, a condition of weak bones.
• decreased calcification or density of bone

• increased appetite.
• weight loss.
• heat sensitivity.
• excessive sweating.
• headache.
• hyperactivity.
• nervousness.
• anxiety