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Welcome to Arlak Corazon /
Cardiac Diabetic PCD Franchise Company

Arlak Corazon is privately lead India’s rapidly growing Cardiac and diabetic PCD Franchise Company. Our focus is to transform the cardiovascular and diabetic treatment by introducing innovative, clinically tried and tested, ground-breaking therapeutics. Today, Corazon is providing high quality drugs to cardiac and diabetic patients throughout India at the most affordable prices. Being among the trusted and well known cardiac & Diabetic PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India, we ensure our medicine are effective, safe, and affordable.

By manufacturing and marketing highly efficient, pure and lifesaving formulation Corazon support Indian Healthcare system. Our R&D department have extensive experience in development and work with WHO, GMP, ISO, FDA and other market approvals. Today, Arlak Corazon has become second name for excellence in cardiovascular medicine market. Through our cardiac diabetic PCD Franchise business we want our products to reach every part of the country.

Why Choose us for PCD Franchise Business?

Arlak Corazon is the leading name for the Cardiac Diabetic PCD Franchise business in India.

One of the major reason for the success of Corazon is implementation and execution of strategic partnership with associates all across the country. Alliance with us are flexible, provide mutual benefits with pragmatic approach to acquisition. Our strategy is to develop business by associating with pharma professional from across the country to provide them PCD or Franchise of pour brand along with numerous benefits. This way our products reaches to maximum number of people in all parts of the country and you get the business opportunity. We have a brand that is well known to doctors and other in pharma market.

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    Monopoly Rights

    Beneficial and unique Monopoly Rights for associates in their regions which will restrict the competition and boost sales.

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    Free Promotional Support

    Includes MR Bags, visiting Cards, visual aids, pen, note pads, and many other promotional tools in best quality and absolutely free for associates.

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    Add High Profit

    Guaranteed exciting profit margin on all cardiac diabetic products range. Time to time deals and offers on products for better sales.

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    Add Attractive Packaging

    All products are packed using the best quality packaging material with attractive designs and proper labeling. Packaging supports the long shelf-life of medicines.

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    Add Fast Delivery

    Arlak Corazon has partnerships with leading delivery companies and thus, all cardiac diabetic products are delivered on time PAN India. We value your time, therefore, ensure prompt medicine delivery in a given time.

Pharma Franchise for Cardiac Diabetic Products

Arlak Corazon is the best Cardiac Diabetic PCD Franchise Company in India that commercializes high-grade drug formulations using biologically active ingredients sourced from the certified vendors of the healthcare industry. With a stable sales structure, robust logistic channel, and dynamic approach, we work closely with the distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc. Our firm is very flexible and a great place to learn! As an organization, we are growing tremendously and make sure that our people grow with us. Individuals will get a chance to create their opportunities and freedom to make them happen. Further, one can experience new cultures and support from a dynamic and inclusive pharmaceutical that operates on trust and respect. Read More

Exclusive Cardiac Medicine Range

At Arlak Corazon, we deliver the widest range of finest quality Cardiac medicine range that is prepared to treat and cure heart-related ailments such as heart failure, Myocardial infarction, etc. Our Cardiac medicine range is formulated by top cardiologists after scientific research and built using 100% biologically active ingredients. These formulations are legally approved and come under different sizes and packaging. The company thoroughly manufactures these medications in GMP-WHO certified plants using modernized resources. Being inclined towards quality, the company makes sure to pass its entire range through stringent quality inspection.

  • Beta-Blockers.
  • Vasodilators.
  • Anticoagulants.
  • Angiotensin Receptor-Neprilysin Inhibitors.
  • Digitalis Preparations.
  • ACE Inhibitors.
  • Calcium Channel Blockers.
  • Diuretics.
  • Cholesterol-lowering medications.
  • Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers.
  • Antiplatelet Agents and Dual Antiplatelet Therapy.

Precise Quality Diabetic Medicine Range

Optimally utilizing all the resources, Arlak Corazon brings to you a superb-quality Diabetic Medicine Range prepared as per WHO-GMP strict guidelines. These products are designed & developed under the supervision of the best Endocrinologists in state of the art production plants. Quality is the best part about Arlak Corazon. With the intent to deliver quality, we first pass our medications through stringent series of clinically testing and quality tests. The company delivers diabetic medications that are legally approved for the treatment of Heart attacks, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Kidney issues, HBP, etc.

  • Insulin
  • Biguanides
  • Meglitinides
  • Sulfonylureas
  • Amylinomimetic Drug
  • Thiazolidinediones
  • Dopamine Agonist
  • Sodium glucose transporter inhibitors
  • Alpha glucosidase inhibitors
  • Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors

Quality Oriented Wide Cardiac Diabetic Product Range

Arlak Corazon ensures that each medicine which leave our facility is best in terms of quality, effectiveness, safety, packaging, labelling, price and every other things. With more than 200+ Cardiac Diabetic products range, Arlak Corazon today is among the most recognized brand. Cardiac Diabetic Products range includes, tablets, injections which are manufactured under the supervision of quality assurance team.

100% transparency, best in class dealing and services in Cardiac diabetic products range has resulted in huge customer base in country. Our products offer:

  • High profit Margin
  • Easy transportation as the products includes, tablet, capsules and injections
  • Repeat demand for cardiac diabetic medicine
  • Adheres to all rules and regulations set by authority
  • Quality Packaging with attractive designs and long shelf life
  • Products dispatched after 24 hours of placing orders
  • Most genuine rates in Cardiac Diabetic PCD Franchise business

Our Product Range

These formulations are manufactured in the high-tech, ultra-modern state-of-art manufacturing facility. To ensure the highest quality standards we make sure to use the best quality raw material and follow world class manufacturing standards. Our each and every products range goes through strict quality check at various stages before they reaches you.

PCD Pharma Franchise

Arlak Corazon is a leading Pharmaceutical Company in India for the Cardiac and Diabetic Range. Be it the quality, affordability, availability, state-of-art facility, marketing, we excel in every aspect. We provide the opportunity to be your OWN BOSS. Run a successful business in your territory, work freely under no pressure. Meet your dream to work individually under your own terms and earn good rewards.

Most trusted name for Cardiac and Diabetic PCD Franchise Business and medicine in India.

We are looking for passionate and dedicated professionals, distributors, medical reps, pharma dealers and other pharma professionals who are willing to run their successful business in their region with 100% monopoly.

Frequently Asked Question about Cardiac Diabetic PCD Franchise

There are no predefined eligibility criteria for Cardiac Diabetic PCD Franchise Business. Generally, the pharma companies do not ask for any specific certification or degree but in a few scenarios, they might ask for the following:

• A minimum working experience of 3-4 years in the field of sales or marketing.

• SSC or 12th done from a reputed board/university.

• Graduation degree in some cases.

Promotional support from Arlak Corazon for Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Includes:

• Brochure

• Catch Cover

• Water Bottle

• MR Bags


• Visual Aid

• Visiting Card

• Table Calender

• Diary etc.

With the growing population, we are also witnessing a surge in heart issues. Simultaneously the demand for this medicine range has accelerated as well. Poor eating patterns, stress, lack of sleep, depression, high reliance on anti-depressant medicines like aspirin have resulted in uneven lipid profiles. Therefore, patients need better cardiac diabetic medicines and healthcare facilities to keep themselves healthy. By dealing with Cardiac Diabetic you will unlock many growth opportunities. Huge product variety, constantly rising demand, highest patient country, etc. clary proves that the Cardiac Diabetic Products category is better than other Pharma Category.

Monopoly Based Pharma Franchise is nothing but the firm proving exclusive rights to the prospective franchise holders for product selling, marketing, and distributorship rights for a particular area. These rights are boon for those newcomers or professionals who are starting from ground level.

Every third person in India is suffering from heart issues and as per a market survey, out of every 1 lakh heart & diabetic patients, almost 280 patients lost their lives. Such growing numbers have directly impacted the demand for Cardiac and Diabetic medicines. People need good quality diabetic and cardiovascular medications to maintain good heart conditions. Therefore, the scope of having Cardiac Diabetic Franchise Business is immense in the country.

An adequate sum of money is required to be invested at regular intervals to maintain the business & product flow cycle. A general rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 25000 as an initial investment. The capital required to be invested is directly linked with the brand you have chosen to associate with. You can start with a lesser amount and cruise to a bigger number at later stages.

There are different mode for transportation of cardiac diabetic medicines. The goods are transported by air, water, and land transport which includes rail, road depending upon where they are needed to be delivered.

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