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Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet

Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet

Composition : TENETIN-M FORTE

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 1290

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The group of salt used in Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet belongs to the class of anti-diabetes agents. This prevents the person from the servers effects of mellitus common in the Type 2 diabeties. The salt infused helps in controlling the levels of glycaemic in patients suffering from a chronic disease called diabetes. This is a life-threatening condition in which people face problematic issues of bouncing their blood sugar levels. This also results in the loss of insulin produced by the body.

Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet tablets contain Teneligliptin 20 mg + Metformin 1000 SR. Teneligliptin is a medicine given to control raised blood sugar levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes. It belongs to a class of anti-diabetic medicines called ‘DPP-4 inhibitors’ or ‘Gliptins. Metformin provides protection against liver glucose production and the intestinal glucose rise in level too. Teneligliptin salt use works by inhibiting the action of the dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 enzyme. This is responsible for reducing glucagon levels and thereby increasing insulin functioning. The little problems result in low sugar levels.

There are some necessary precautions that are mandatory with the use of Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet. The required ones are to take the medicine with the help fo a clinician and try to avoid the use of these if they cause any severe side effects. It is necessary that one must follow a healthy diet and avoid the intake of other medicines in combination. This is not recommended for pregnant women.

Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet Use

There are now offers salt used and their benefit is mentioned below.


It is also an oral antidiabetic drug that belongs to the biguanide class which is the first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus. It causes suppression of glucose production by the liver.


 This salt helps in controlling controlling the higher blood sugar levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes.


• Type 2 Diabetes

• Mainly postprandial blood glucose

• Macrovascular complications

 Dosage: As directed by physician

Teneligliptin Metformin 20mg 1000mg Tablet’s Work

Here is a working mechanism of Teneligliptin Metformin Tablet.

Teneligliptin inhibits human plasma DPP-4 activity and recombinant human DPP-4 activity in a concentration-dependent manner with half-maximal inhibitory concentrations  (IC50) of 1.75 (95% CI, 1.62–1.89) nmol/L and 0.889 (95% CI, 0.812–0.973) nmol/L

Pharmacology of Teneligliptin Metformin Tablet

For Teneligliptin


Oral administration of teneligliptin (0.1, 0.3, or 1.0 mg/kg) in rats showed rapid absorption


Peak plasma concentration takes max. time to reach in 0.75–0.88 h


About 34.4% of teneligliptin is excreted unchanged via the kidney and the remaining 65.6% of teneligliptin is metabolized and eliminated via renal and hepatic excretion; 216 hours after the administration of 14C-labeled teneligliptin (20 mg), the cumulative excretion percentages of radioactive teneligliptin in urine and feces. 

Metformin Salt


In the fasting condition of the patients, the drug bioavailability is about 50% to 60%. Food decreases the absorption of drugs.


The volume of distribution is 654±358 L. It rarely bonds to plasma protein. It does not follow hepatic metabolism.


It is excreted in unchanged form in urine.

Side Effects of Teneligliptin Metformin Tablet

Some common side effects of salt are mentioned below.

  • Allergy to Teneligliptin or any other ingredients of the medicine
  • Severe diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Type 1 diabetes

Serious infections, severe trauma, or significant surgeries (in these situations, sugar control has to be done by insulin alone)

Precautions with Teneligliptin Metformin Tablet

The precautions are to be followed under the mentioned specific conditions.

• During Pregnancy

• Lactation

• liver disease

• Heart diseases

• Severe surgery