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Glimepiride 2mg

Composition : Copride-2 Tablet

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 500

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Copride-2 tablet is related to that class of medication which are known as anti-diabetic that are useful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Patients with these diseases cannot control sugar levels in their blood with exercise and diet. This disorder is a kind of health situation in which the glucose process is affected, and the body of the patient does not produce proper insulin. The symptoms of this disease include increased thirst, urination, fatigue, slow wound healing, and unexplained weight loss. This drug helps patients to stop kidney damage and blindness.

Copride-2 tablet is a prescription drug so patients should use this medicine with the recommendations of their doctor. Never take more than the prescribed dose of this medicine because this may lead the patient to harmful effects. The symptoms of side effects include nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and metallic taste. It is not necessary that every patient will feel these bad effects with the use of medication, it varies from person to person. These side effects do not need any medical attention, because the effects of these bad effects are gone after some time. In case of any discomfort with the consumption of Copride-2 tablet patients should consult with a doctor.

If any patient is allergic to the ingredient of the Copride-2 tablet then they should not use the drug. This medicine is not manufactured for use in children. Due to the excreted in human milk breastfeeding moms should avoid the use of medication. To avoid any harm to the unborn baby it is mandatory for pregnant females to use this medication under the guidance of professional healthcare or never use this medication. Patients or users should take frequent or short meals to avoid fasting while using the Copride-2 tablet.

Uses And Medical Benefits Of Copride-2 Tablet

 This medication is used to treat Type 2 diabetes, and this medication contains a glimepiride drug or salt. Glimepiride is a kind of drug that works by stimulating of cells in the pancreas, which play an important role in the production of insulin that separates the sugar from the blood.

The following are some benefits of glimepiride drug:

  • Control the sugar level in the blood
  • Decrease the chances of complications
  • Easy to use
  • Low risk of hypoglycemia

Drug-to-Drug Interactions

Copride-2 tablet has shown interactions with other medicines like antibiotics, calcium channel blockers, antacids, antifungals, and anticancer drugs. Here are some names of medications related to these categories of drugs.


Storage Indication

 Professional healthcare or doctor recommends to their patients to keep this drug in a cool and dry pace away from sunlight, and children. Additionally, keeping the Copride-2 tablet away from the reach of pets helps to avoid choking hazards. Do not keep the medication in the bathroom.

Adverse Effects Of The Use Of Copride-2 Tablet

The patients who use this drug may feel some common side effects due to hypersensitivity, but they do not need to worry because these effective symptoms resolve after some time, and patients with the following symptoms do not need any medical treatment from professional healthcare.

  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Metallic taste

Safety Or Precautions With The Use Of Copride-2 Tablet

Safety precautions are mandatory for patients to use any kind of medication, and the following are some precautions patients should use with the use of this medication for fast recovery and better results.

  1. Patients or users should monitor their blood sugar levels regularly while taking the Copride-2 tablet
  2. Do exercise and yoga daily.
  3. Always take the medication with food
  4. Keep healthy diet
  5. Never consume alcohol if you are using a Copride-2 tablet to avoid low blood sugar level
  6. The user should be careful while driving after the use of medication.
  7. Contact the doctor for regular checkups of the liver.