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Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg

Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg

Composition : Sitawar-M Forte

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 3300

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Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets – These tablets are a combination of two antidiabetic medicines; Sitagliptin and Metformin that help in controlling high blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Offered in the market with the brand name Sitawar-M Forte, these tablets are available at the Best Sitagliptin & Metformin Tablets Manufacturer, Arlak Corazon.

Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets Uses

Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets provide a gentle control over blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and offer the following benefits:

  1. Controls blood glucose levels.
  2. Reduces the chances of heart attack or stroke.
  3. Prevents serious complications of diabetes (kidney damage, nerve problems, loss of limbs blindness, etc.)
  4. Decreases excess sugar that the liver produces.
  5. Promotes effective use of insulin by the body.
  6. Allows the pancreas to produce more insulin.

How it Works?

Sitagliptin belongs to the class of medicines known as Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors, which act by raising the levels of specific organic compounds that lower high blood sugar. Whereas, Metformin in these tablets belongs to a group of drugs known as biguanides that slows the absorption of glucose from the intestines while raising the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Together, these antidiabetic medications prevent blood sugar levels from increasing to very high levels after meals.

Points to Remember

Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets should be used under the prescription given by the doctor

  1. Consume these tablets with your meal to avoid an upset stomach.
  2. Do not use these tablets if you are allergic to Sitagliptin, Metformin, or had any allergic reaction with other antidiabetic medicines in the past.
  3. Strictly avoid the consumption of any kind of alcoholic beverages with Sitagliptin Phosphate & Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets as it may lower blood glucose.
  4. Before taking this medication, notify your doctor about all the other medicines you are taking to ensure no negative effects on the body.
  5. If your blood sugar is too low or too high, it could impair your ability to drive. If you experience such symptoms, avoid driving or performing any activity that calls for extreme concentration or focus.

Things to Inform Doctor

Before taking Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets, people who have or had a history of the following health conditions should inform their doctor to ensure the medicine is safe for usage.

  1. Heart Diseases
  2. Liver Diseases
  3. Kidney Diseases
  4. Problems with Pancreas
  5. Alcohol Addiction
  6. Low Vitamin B12 levels

If you are about to have a diagnostic test that requires an injection or dye or an X-ray contrast agent, keep your doctor informed. You should stop the usage of Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets for a short time period before an X-Ray procedure.

Side Effects

Sitagliptin Phosphate & Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets may result in certain mild to moderate side effects. These side effects can take place either due to the over usage or misusage of the medicine. Most of the side effects are temporary and go away as your body gets used to the medication. the side effects associated with these tablets include the following:

  1. Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels)
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Nausea
  5. Sore Throat
  6. Upset Stomach

If you think these side effects have become persistent or do not resolve even after the course completion, immediately make a contact with your doctor.


  1. What is the use of Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets?

Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets are prescribed for people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus to lower blood sugar levels. This resultantly helps in managing diabetes.

2. Are Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets effective for Type 1 Diabetes patients?

No, these tablets should certainly be not taken in people with type 1 diabetes or with Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

3. Are Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Pregnant or Breastfeeding women should consult their doctor or gynecologist before taking Sitagliptin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg Tablets.