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Atorvastatin 20mg Tablet

Atorvastatin 20mg Tablet - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Atorvastatin 20mg Tablet

Composition : CORAVAS-20

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 890

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CORAVAS-20 (Atorvastatin 20mg)

CORAVAS 20 includes Atorvastatin. It belongs to ‘statin’ class of drugs. These drugs are used in maintaining the lipid profile and prevents the events associated with cardiovascular diseases.
• Helpful for coronary heart disease
• Prevent stroke
• Reduces the risk of angina
• Hyperlipidemia
  Mechanism of action
The drug produces its action by acting as HMG Co A enzyme inhibition which converts 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A to mevalonate, which is a precursor of cholesterol and sterols.
Once a day
T drug attain its peak plasma concentration attains in 1-2 hrs after oral administration. The bioavailability of the drug is approximately 14%. The presence of food affects the drug availability.
Nearly about 98% of the drug is bound to plasma protein. The drugs produce its action by forming its metabolites.
After pharmacological action the drug is excreted through bile. The elimination half life is 14 hrs.
• Patients with hepatic dysfunction
• Increase in fasting glucose level
• In pregnant and lactating mothers
• Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredient
• In lactating and pregnant mothers