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Role of Medical Representative - MR

Role of Medical Representative - MR - A medical representative is responsible for marketing, advertising, and distributing a specific pharma product to relevant medical establishments (i.e., hospitals, nursing home, clinics, pharmacies). They schedule meetings with doctors, general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists, nurses, hospital teams, etc. They approach with a presentation to persuade prospects to use their goods, including pharma medicines, prescription drugs, and medical equipment. In sum, the role of the medical representative in the supply chain is crucial.

If you want to pursue your career as a medical representative, be aware that you will spend time traveling to and from clients. Your bachelor's degree in pharmacy or any comparable field would be perfect for the medical representative (MR) role. In this field of work, successful are highly persuasive and have strong communication, strong negotiation, and sales skills. To lead an impressive career being a medical representative, you must read through this article that explains the role of a Medical Representative - MR. Read on.

Roles & Responsibilities of Medical Representative

The role of a Medical representative is to persuade potential customers to purchase pharma company medications. They additionally identify prospective business opportunities for the pharmaceutical company. Also, they are responsible for providing the relevant departments with customer feedback. Other Roles & Responsibilities of a Medical Representative are as follows:

  1. Prepare presentations for the prospects.
  2. Follow up on leads generated by the pharma company.
  3. Develop an in-depth understanding of the pharma company's medications.
  4. Research the medications of the competitors and their market performances.
  5. Build and maintain good relationships with customers to encourage repeat purchases.
  6. Sell pharma companies' medicines to pharmacists, doctors, and other medical establishments.
  7. Promote the company's medications by scheduling appointments with pharmacists, doctors, and healthcare professionals.
  8. Keep up-to-the-minute knowledge of the medical field and new developments and determine their effect on the pharma company's business strategies.

The typical day of a medical representative involves one-on-one meetings with pharmacists, doctors, or nurses at their places of business. They introduce new products on behalf of the pharma company. Moreover, they monitor the supply of drugs and inform them about the forthcoming changes.

How to Become a Medical Representative?

The first step you have to take to break into this field of work is to earn a degree. It usually includes a bachelor's degree and may vary by employer. Next, you have to garner experience and enroll in training. Also, you'll have to get certified or licensed, grow your presence and connect with industry contacts. Let's have a close overview of these:-

  1. Earn a bachelor's degree: Required education will vary by employer. But to become a pharma sales representative, you will likely need a bachelor's degree. So, earn a degree in the pharmaceutical business, pharmacology, or business and marketing. As per reports, 98% of medical representatives have a four-year college degree or higher.
  2. Enroll in Training: Before you break into the field, determine how you can train yourself the best. For instance, if you are a learner, spending hours online or in a classroom, you won't fully grasp the concepts. You have to garner some experience in the field to stay on top of the industry. So, you can begin your training volunteering at the hospital or job shadowing with a reputed medical representative.
  3. Get licensed: You may require a license to begin your career as a medical representative. The employer may want you to have an in-depth understanding of medications. Contact the concerned authorities to know about the process to get verified or licensed as a medical representative.

The pharmaceutical industry is thriving well, and the job in this ever-growing industry as a medical representative might excite you. But before you begin your career in this industry, gather information about the role of a medical representative. So, you can make yourself ready for the work.

Skills Required to Become a Medical Representative

Like other fields, this field of work also requires some skills. To become a successful medical representative, you must have persuasive and communal skills. In addition, you should have the zeal to stay on top of pharmaceuticals with up-to-the-minute knowledge. Also, you should have the power to build trust between a pharma company and the consumers.

Other Skills Required to be a Medical Representative:-

  1. Decision Making Skills 
  2. Strong negotiation and sales skills
  3. Verbal and written communication skills
  4. Excellent teamwork and networking skills
  5. Organizational and time management skills

Qualifications for Medical Representative

For the role of a medical representative, employers have set certain qualifications. You have to pass them to pursue your career as a medical representative. Those qualifications are also necessary to be successful in this role. The qualifications for the job profile of a Medical Representative include the following:-

  1. Valid Driving License
  2. A Bachelor's degree or higher
  3. Knowledge of MS Office
  4. Experience as a medical representative or similar role
  5. Familiarity with databases, product lines, statistics, and the latest medical issues

Through this write-up, you might have understood the role of a medical representative. It's about the promotion of medicine of your respective pharmaceutical company. If you want to lead an impressive career as an MR, begin your career with one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India, Arlak Corazon.

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