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Prasugrel 10mg Tablet

Prasugrel 10mg Tablet - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Prasugrel 10mg Tablet

Composition : COPRASU 10

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 1890

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COPRASU 10 (Prasugrel 10mg Tablet)

Coprasu-10 tablet contain Prasugrel 10 mg. It belongs to a group of medicines called antiplatelets or blood thinners. It helps prevent the formation of harmful blood clots and keeps the blood flowing smoothly through your body. This lowers the chances of another heart attack or stroke in people with heart disease.
• Heart Attack
• Heart Stroke
• Blood clots

  Dosage : As directed by Physician
  Mechanism of Action
Prasugrel is an thienopyridine and a prodrug which inhibits ADP receptors by irreversibly acting on the P2Y12 receptor on platelets. The active metabolite of prasugrel prevents binding of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to its platelet receptor, impairing the ADP-mediated activation of the glycoprotein GPIIb/IIIa complex. Prasugrel is proposed to have a similar mechanism of action to clopidogrel.
79% or greater of the dose is absorbed after oral administration. Absorption and metabolism occur rapidly and peak plasma concentrations (Cmax) are reached approximately 30 minutes following oral administration. 

Active metabolite binding to human serum albumin (4 % buffered solution) was 98 %.

Approximately 68% of the orally administered dose is excreted in urine and 27% in the feces, as inactive metabolites. The active metabolite is not expected to be removed by dialysis.
• Hypersensitivity
• Active pathological bleeding
• History of stroke or transient ischaemic attack
• Severe hepatic impairment

• Patients with recent or undergoing severe surgery
• Hypersensitivity reactions including angioedema
• Patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance