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Glimipride 2mg Tablet

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Glimipride 2mg Tablet

Composition : COPRIDE 2

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 500

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COPRIDE 2 (Glimipride 2mg Tabet) 

Copride 2 Tablet contains Glimepiride. It is an anti-diabetic drug belongs to sulphonylurea class. It is long acting oral anti-diabetic drug.
• Mainly used in type 2 diabetes
• Adjunct therapy to improve hyperglycemia
  Dosage : Once a day 

  Mechanism of action
The drug stimulates the pancreatic beta cells that release insulin. The drug bound to sulphonyl urea receptor in the pancreatic cells closing of potassium channel which causes release of insulin. This in turn lowers the blood glucose level.

After oral administration the drug peak concentration achieves in 2-3 hrs. Co-administration of the drug with food causes decrease in the concentration of the drug by 8-9%
The drug is well distributed in the body by binding protein binding about 99.5%. The drug is metabolized oxidative biotransformation by oral administration.
The drug follows renal excretion
• Patient with the history of hypersensitivity to drug
• Can cause hypoglycemia
• Increased the risk of cardiac mortality
• In pregnant patients