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Rosuvastatin , Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules | Z-Rosu Gold -20

Rosuvastatin , Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules | Z-Rosu Gold -20 - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise

Rosuvastatin , Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules | Z-Rosu Gold -20

Composition : Z-Rosu-Gold-20

Packing : 10x10

Price : Rs. 1790

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Heart disease is one of the problems which our society is facing today and these three combinations Rosuvasta, Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules can solve the heart attack problem because these three compositions comes under the category of medication which is known as antiplatelets and antihyperlipidemic. Before you dive into antiplatelets and antihyperlipidemic you have to understand how platelets and extra lipid can cause the heart attack, if you want to under in simple words  then the blood get thickened due to the blood cloat which block the blood stream and cause heart attack, that is why we need to have antiplatelets and other way you can face heart attack situation is by having extra and bad lipid around your heart which generally create the pressure which can create this particular condition.
Scientifically speaking this condition is occurs because of the build of fat, cholesterol and other substances, which later forms a plaque in arteries that supply to the heart. In some cases, a plaque can burst and form a clot which is responsible for the blockage of the blood flow.  To handle such situation you need antiplatelets and antihyperlipidemic medication for that this capsule having these three chemical composition Rosuvasta, Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules are the best option to go with.

Mechanisms of Rosuvasta, Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules 

Here we are going to talk about how this medication helps you out from the heart attack problem. As you know these three chemical composition can act as antiplatelets and Antihyperlipidmic, so that this capsule can solve the problem of heart attack which is cause by platelets and extra lipid in single solution.
If you know Clopidogrel and Asprin they two can acts as antiplatelets which mean they can solve the problem of formation of blood clots, these two can reduces the chance of platelets from sticking together which help in preventing formation of infected blood or thick blood whereas Rosuvasta can act as antihyperlipidmic which generally means it help in maintaining good cholesterol, because this particular medication can very helpful in switch off the ability of body which helps in making bad fat or lipid in the body.

Side effects of Rosuvasta, Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules 

You have to understand one thing any chemical which you are taking can cure certain problem in you body, but in doing so it also imbalance some chemicals in your which generally effects your body in different ways and these effect is known as side effects of  that chemical. That is why Rosuvasta, Clopidogrel, & Asprin Capsules also have some side effect and these are the side-effects which you can generally feel after having this chemical composition.

  1. You can feel abdominal pain.
  2. Sometime nose bleeding has been seen after having this medication.
  3. You can suffer from headache
  4. Muscle pain is one of the side effects of this medication too.
  5. You can suffer from diarrhea.

Direction of Use

No matter how effective a medicine is until it has not been taken in right way. For that you need a direction in this particular paragraph we are going to instruct how to take this particular medicine and what you take care of while having this capsule medication.
  1. Do not take this medication without having anything, otherwise it can upset you stomach.
  2. This medication generally reduces the thickness of blood, so be very careful because bleeding cannot be stop easily if you get cut or injured.
  3. If you have yellow skin and yellow eyes, then inform your doctor as soon as possible.
  4. If you have this medication and going to have any kind of surgical operation, in that case inform you doctor first.
  5. If you are pregnant and planning to get pregnant then inform you doctor first before starting this particular medication.