Clinidipine Tablets (Z-Cili-20)


 BRAND NAME :-     Z-CILI-20



Cilnidipine (Z-CILI-20) tablet is a medicine belonging to the calcium channel blockers group. This medicines relax the blood vessels and is used for the management of high blood pressure. Clinidipine decreases blood pressure and is used to treat hypertension and its comorbidities, clinlidipine (INN) is a calcium channel blocker. It is a calcium antagonist accompanied with l-type and n-type calcium channel blocking functions. Due to its blocking action at the n-type and l-type calcium channel , clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20) dilates both arterioles and venoules, reducing the pressure in the capillary bed. clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20) is a vasoselective and has a weak direct dromotropic  effect , and an arrhythmia inhibiting effects . Clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20) trial is a large scale clinical study on blood pressure (BP) and pulse rate (PR) in the real world with use of clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20) this study revealed that  clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20)  significantly reduced BP and PR in hypertension patient at the clinic and at home , especially with higher BP and PR in the  morning .


Clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20)   acts by relaxing blood vessels , thereby increasing the blood supply to the heart , and lowering the load on heart. Clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20) acts on the L-type calcium channels of blood vessels by blocking the incoming  calcium and suppressing the contraction of blood pressure. Clinidipine  (Z-CILI-20) also works on the N-type calcium channel located at the end of the sympathetic nerve , inhibiting the emission of morepinephrine  and  suppressing the increase in stress blood pressure.