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Diabetes is a deadly and very serious health issue in India. It is a constant disease that covers a vast population and we do need to be taken excellent care. It is slowly burgeoning and causing cardiac trouble like hypertension, elevated insulin levels, and increased blood glucose levels. These drugs are useful to manage different diabetic problems like high blood pressure, high insulin levels, and elevated blood glucose levels. Individuals with a history of diabetes are put on long-term prescription. Due to this, Cardiac diabetic products are on huge demand all across the nation. Call: 91-7087571536, 9115593636 or

As a prominent organization manufactures & exports a feature range of Cardio Diabetic products. The proposed range of goods is created for treating diabetes and cardiac-related problems. As we all recognize that diabetes is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular morbidity. So, to get rid of this Arlak Corazon is offering you the most excellent drugs. 

The processing of Cardio Diabetic Drugs is done under the supervision of our experts by acquiring the top quality of chemicals together with the usage of existing machines. These drugs work in the body by ease the levels of glucose in the blood and are known as antihyperglycemic agents.

PCD Pharma francise for cardiac and diabetic range

A Cardiac diabetic PCD company is one that guides and offers franchises to sell its drugs. Generally, a good PCD pharma corporation will constantly have the essential infrastructure, a well-equipped research center and a networked network of networks to carry out industry. All one has to do is to just partner with a well known PCD company and reap the advantages straight away without worrying about starting from the scrape.

A PCD pharma corporation expert in Cardiac diabetic in PCD is set to have learned all the advertising strategies, posses a strong client base, have a diverse range of well-liked products and also a higher degree of commitment in providing client support services.

Reasons to invest in a PCD pharma company:

As talked about earlier, the growth rate of Indian pharma manufacturing is extraordinary and the expenditure on pharmaceuticals is all set to boost up to 40 percent of the total spending on health care. In addition to that, the making cost is lower than that of the USA and Europe and the accessibility of skilled workforce is also a gratuity. Hence, it makes sense to work together with a reputed Cardiac diabetic PCD company.

Given that the pharmaceutical industry is recession-free, thanks to the ever-growing list of diseases, it’s constantly to wise to make investments in this division and reap the benefits. Also, the population of India is vast and diverse, making it necessary to create quality drugs and medicine to cater to the need of the individuals.



Diabetes is a very common disease that many people suffer from and diabetes leads to many complications in your body. Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level is thus essential. Many people can control the blood sugar level by maintaining a healthy diet but many diabetic patients need regular medicine. Vildagliptin is such medicine which helps the diabetic patients efficiently. 

Mainly Vildagliptin increases insulin production in our body and decreases glucagon production by the pancreas. Glucagon helps the liver to produce more sugar. 

Vildagliptin is an anti-diabetic medicine and is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is found in the market as Galvus and Eucreas. Eucreas is a combination of metformin and Vildagliptin. 

 When to not Have Vildagliptin?

In a few cases, Vildagliptin may turn out to be risky like:- 

  • If the patient is pregnant or thinking of having a baby or breastfeeding.
  • If the patient suffers from any liver or kidney problem.
  • If the patient is suffering from different kinds of heart problems.
  • If the patient is having any other medicine, be it prescribed or not, be it herbal or complementary medicine. 
  • If the patient is allergic to any medicine.

How to have Vildagliptin?

Firstly the user must read the information leaflet that is there in every packet and get to know about the side effects.

  • The Vildagliptin tablet must be taken as per the directions of the doctor that is to swallow the tablet along with water. Always listen to the doctor regarding the dose. If you are prescribed to have one tablet a day then do so.
  • Generally, two tablets are prescribed. However, if one tablet a day is prescribed then one must have it in the morning otherwise one in the morning and the other in the evening. The tablet can be taken at any time- before, after or during the meal. 
  • If the doctor prescribes to take Vildagliptin with Metformin (Eucreas) then the patient must do so. It must be taken twice a day. Due to the side effects caused by Metformin the medicine must be taken with food. There are two types of Eucreas. In both types, the metformin amount differs while the amount of Vildagliptin is the same.  
  • If in any case, one forgets to have one dose then have it as soon as you remember. However, there must be a gap between the two doses as two doses can’t be taken together. 
  • How to get benefited most from Vildagliptin?
  • Regular check-up, a regular visit to the doctor or regular sugar test is mandatory. It helps both the patients and the doctors to carry on with the treatments as well as it helps to receive the utmost benefit from the medicine. Also, regular checkups can determine the side effects which are often caused by the medicine. Some of the side effects are tiredness, abdominal pain, feeling sick, dark colored urine, etc. 
  • As per the doctor’s prescription or advice, the patient must check his or her blood sugar level after knowing about how to check the blood sugar level from the nurse or doctor. If prescribed the patient must also change his or her diet, quit smoking and do regular exercises. Alcohol intake can inhibit the actions of medicine. 
  • Drivers must take special care as high sugar affects concentration which is needed for driving. A driver with diabetic problems must always check his or her blood sugar level before starting the journey. 
  • As many diabetic patients do exercises for better results it must be noted that any new exercise needs doctor’s permission as it may affect you. Few incidents prove the occurrence of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Although Vildagliptin never causes low blood sugar still if you feel anxious, shaky, sweaty, hungry, look pale and palpitations then sugar must be checked all these are signs of hypoglycemia. 
  • Do not forget to mention that you are diabetic and have been taking Vildagliptin before any kind of dental treatment or operation. Always let your doctor know if you feel thirsty too much or frequently pass urine as it indicates that the medicine is not working. 

Having your patience, while having Vildagliptin is the duty of every patient, as diabetes treatment is a lifelong process. 

Side Effects of Vildagliptin

Though Vildagliptin is a very effective medicine still it has some side effects like any other medicine. They are:-

  • Dizziness. 
  • Headache
  • Swollen hands
  • Swollen feet
  • Constipation
  • Tiredness
  • Sickness
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Severe abdominal pain

If the side effects cause too much trouble then obviously you must consult the doctor. 

Storing Vildagliptin

Vildagliptin must be kept and stored somewhere away from children.

As any kind of direct light and heat is bad for the tablets keeping it in any dry or cool place will be wise. 

Thus Vildagliptin is a very good and recommended medicine and does not cause severe side effects generally.


What is Metformin?

Often doctors prescribe metformin for type 2 diabetes. Apart from being very effective, safe and affordable, it is known for not putting weight as a side effect or giving stress on internal organs. Unlike insulin, metformin takes four to five days to lower the blood sugar level. Though it’s not able to solve all the diabetic problems it remains beneficial.

About Metformin

There are several trade names of metformin. Some of them are Fortamet, Glucophage, Riomet, and Glumetza. Metformin belongs to the biguanides class of drugs. The drug mainly helps in the inhibition of glucose production in the liver.

The medicine is so used as it decreases the insulin levels in our body and also lessens the production and absorption of sugar in the body. All this process of lowering glucose production or lowering the blood sugar level is done by metformin while increasing the sensitivity of the body to insulin. It too lowers the glucose amount absorbed from food by our body.

Generally, metformin works well if it is taken properly along with a healthy diet. Exercise too enhances the actions of metformin. Though the results that you desire may not come within a night or day, it manages to provide a good result with time.

Side Effects

Metformin can cause little side effects especially to the ones who are taking it for the first time. Generally, the side effects are not very serious and are very mild. However, knowing about the side effects is always essential. The common side effects of using metformin are gastric problems like gas, stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, etc. it may also cause nausea sometimes.

  • Doctors sometimes prescribe low doses of metformin to avoid gastric problems. It too helps in acclimatization of the body with the medicine slowly. It starts with five hundred milligrams a day at first and it continues for several weeks. Later the dose is increased to one thousand five hundred milligrams daily. However, if started with a low dose then the benefits can be noticed, occurring at a slower pace.
  • Gastric problems due to metformin intake are very much related to the number of carbs we intake every day. If we lessen the number of carbs from our diet then the gastric problems may get reduced readily. Using an up to the dated version of metformin also can reduce the side effects.
  • Hypoglycemia which is also known as low blood sugar can be enhanced by metformin which is risky. It affects those who intake drugs and insulin. It results in an increase in insulin secretion like sulfonylurea.

Metformin becomes risky if combined with the intake of excessive alcohol. To have a regular check on the blood sugar level in your body which is necessary to avoid and prevent any episodes of the low blood sugar level, always use a blood sugar meter.

Metformin results in lactic acidosis or the accumulation of lactic acid in the body which is very risky.

Supplementing our body with vitamin B12 through our diet can help us as sometimes having metformin on a long term basis can restrict vitamin B12 absorption resulting in anemia.

This drug does have a black box warning which alerts patients and doctors about the effects of the drug.

However, in most cases, the side effects are mild and short-lived.

Faux Low

Faux low mainly occurs when the blood sugar level drops to normal after being at high range for a long period of time. Our body often reacts to this situation like that of hypoglycemia. It may happen with any kind of medication or therapy or sudden low carb intake. Often people feel shaky, tired, dizzy, lightheaded, extremely hungry and nauseous. In cases where you feel tired, always check the sugar level in your body and carry on with your medication without stopping. This faux low situation can be avoided by having non-carbohydrate, high-sodium snacks as well. Also having more carb in this situation won’t help.

However, whenever you feel tired and dizzy always check the blood sugar in your body as it may happen that the blood sugar level has really gone down and immediate medication is necessary.

Benefits of Metformin

Metformin is an affordable medicine that is very good for first-line therapy. There are other benefits of this medicine apart from treating type 2 diabetes. Researchers are finding the scope of metformin in the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, macular degeneration, gestational diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, heart diseases, and aging.

  • Metformin helps in lowering appetite though it’s still not confirmed, people using the medicine show weight loss sometimes.  
  • Metformin can be useful for patients of type 1 diabetes too and often doctors prescribe this to the type 1 diabetic patients. Doctors do prescribe metformin to type 1 diabetes as it helps in glucose production in the liver as well as it can be effective for those who are sensitive to insulin.
  • Thus metformin is good medicine and as the side effects are very mild and manageable it is very much recommended.

How to Choose a Good Cardiac Pharma Franchise Company?

Pharma franchises are gaining recognition in current times. With an excellent Cardiac products franchise, you can become entrepreneurs and develop excellent products. These franchises recommend products that you can develop with your proficiency and skills. An excellent PCD will present you all the raw resources, and patents, & even guide you through the entire process. But, the setup and actual work will be yours. It is a win-win condition for both of you. 

But, choosing the precise Cardiac pharma franchise Company is necessary, and you will need to consider different factors while doing so. Here are a few things that you must necessarily consider when selecting a PCD Pharma to partner your determined plan of entrepreneurship. Call: +91-7087571536, 9115593636 or email us at

Cardiac Pharma Franchise Company

Judge the Quality

First, you will need to check the excellence of the PCD Pharma that you are planning to associate with. For this, you will need to request the particular Pharma to offer you with samples they have developed in the past, and get your doctors to test these samples for the excellence. With this test, you & your doctors will get confidence in your next partner.

Check for Certifications

The following step to take would be to check the certifications & certified levels attain by this Cardiac products franchise Pharma Company. GMP certificates & WHO-GMP certificates have high values in the marketplace. These certificates talk about the excellence of each department in strident words. Whether or not the corporation is certified to produce formulations is recognize with the international quality standards it receives in the form of certificates. You must even check for FSSAI license and other types of medical licenses in case you are planning to associate with them.

A Good Reputation

You must always associate yourself with excellent brands. For this, you will have to check if the Cardio diabetic products Pharma Company you are approaching has an excellent reputation and brand name in the market or not. Once more, your choice of the brand must be such that it is easy to memorize, and people can state it with no issue.

Availability of Products

You must check the partner company for its stock accessibility. It is possible they list out a huge number of products, but don’t have a standard supply of those products. It is constantly excellent to cross-check and be pleased with your findings.

Packaging of Products

Packaging a product is as significant as product development itself. Excellent shelf life and moisture barrier will create an excellent sense of the doctors.

Arak Corazon is a reputed name as a Cardiac pharma franchise corporation. With a huge variety of products, it has to turn out to be an established name in the franchisee ground. It has established its attendance in leading brands within the there panic section. This corporation comes with all the top-notch certificates making it a quality franchisee for Pharma. 


Pharma Franchise for Cardiac and Diabetic Range

As we all are well aware that the pharmaceutical market for Cardiac and Diabetic range is at a peak nowadays. As it is seen that with the gradual increase in the amount of pollution in the air, the chances of having heart failure increases day-by-day. Cardiac Medicines are helpful in curing heart problems. The other reason behind this is the unhealthy lifestyle of people and the type of food that they are consuming.

Arlak Corazon is giving you a chance to commence your own Pharma Franchise for Cardiac and Diabetic Range and we will make sure that you will definitely get the huge profit in return. Moreover, you can now fulfill your entrepreneurship dream just by paying a minimal investment. On the other hand, Diabetics Medicine ranges are extensively used for treating elevated blood sugar in the body. Call: +91-7087571536, 9115593636 or email us at

Thus, these two types of medicines have a very important role in treating such a dangerous health problem. That’s why any person can expect a bright future in Pharma Franchise for Cardiac and Diabetic Range.

Moreover, there are several other benefits of joining our Franchise including you will get a chance to be in your own city. You will get an opportunity to showcase your business skills. This is a low investment cost required business and one can easily establish his or her own business.

Pharma Franchise for Cardiac and Diabetic Range

Here is a Few Glimpse of the Pharmaceutical Industry:-

Pharmaceutical Industry is quite huge and the reason behind this is the never-ending demand for the medications. The large proportions of people in India are under critical care conditions. They all need a regular supply of medicines in a pretty bulk quantity. It is seen that every year, the number of new pharmaceutical companies established and contributed to the industry to make the economy stronger. So, by seeing this it is clear that the Pharmaceutical industry will never get down instead of this will take a topmost position.

So, if anyone is interested to fulfill his dream by establishing his or her own business. Then Arlak Corazon pharma Franchise for Cardiac and Diabetic Range is the best option for you. Arlak Corazon welcomes all of the interested candidates. We have offered strategic plans and initiated services that will meet all of your requirements. We arrange manufacturing services for all sorts of drugs that cover dosage forms including tablets and capsules for Cardiac and Diabetic range.

Cardiac and diabetic drug Segments offered for Pharma Manufacturing includes Anti- hyperlipidemias drugs, Anti-hypertensive drugs, Antithrombotic (which includes anticoagulants, anti-platelet drugs, and thrombolytic drugs), anti-fibrinolytic, and anti-arrhythmic, etc.

The mission of Arlak Corazon

Our PCD Pharma franchise wants to spread our products through Pharma franchise companies in the nation. So, We Arlak Corazon invited all of the interested candidates for joining us and become a member of our team. Arlak Corazon is totally committed to offering healthy and best lifestyle through the manufacturing of the well developed and well-formulated medicines or drugs.

Arlak Corazon makes sure all of you that all of our cardiac and diabetic medications are manufactured under quality parameters and under the administration of our apt experts. We promise to our customers that our medicines and drugs satisfy all the worldwide parameters of value control. Arlak Corazon has a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical formulations that are manufactured as per GMP norms and are used for the treatment of various ailments.

Why you are Advised to Choose Arlak Corazon for Cardiac and Diabetic Products Range:

We are looking for professionals who have good experience in pharma marketing. So if you have a plan to get a PCD Pharma franchise in India then Arlak Corazon is the best option for you. We, being one of the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company for cardiac and diabetes range welcome various Pharma dealers and distributors from all over India to become our Franchise for our Pharma products in their respective regions. We always appreciate highly experienced and loyal individuals for proficient marketing and distribution rights to become a top cardiac and diabetic PCD Company.

• Our cardiac and diabetic medications are easily affordable. We believe in the perfect combination of performance as well as quality.
• These drugs have conventional prices. Our rates are consistent everywhere, they do not vary from customer to customer.
• These drugs have a wide range of utilities. We believe in working with a positive motto and move smoothly towards our target.


Complete Range of Cardiac and Diabetes Medicine Company

Diabetes is a serious health issue in India. It is a chronic disease that covers a huge population and we do need to be taken good care. It is gradually burgeoning and causing cardiac problems like hypertension, elevated insulin level, and increased blood glucose levels. These drugs are helpful to manage different diabetic conditions like high blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, and elevated blood glucose levels. People with a history of diabetes are put on long-term medication. Due to this, Anti-diabetic medications are on great demand all across the country.

As a prestigious organization, Arlak Corazon manufactures and exports a quality range of Cardio Diabetic Drugs. The proposed range of products is processed for treating diabetes and cardiac-related problems. As we all know that diabetes is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular morbidity. So, to get rid of this Arlak Corazon is providing you the best drugs. The processing of Cardio Diabetic Drugs is completed under the guidance of our experts by acquiring the best quality of chemicals together with the usage of modern machines. These drugs work in the body by alleviating the levels of glucose in the blood and are known as antihyperglycemic agents.

The key advantages of Cardiac and Diabetes medications provided by Arlak Corazon are as follows:

The drugs which are manufactured by Arlak Corazon are safe to use and better tolerated. The drugs are manufactured under standardized conditions.

How does Diabetes develop?

It is seen that whenever the body lacks insulin, a disease called Diabetes mellitus type 1 is developed. During this treatment, Insulin is injected into the body. There are certain conditions when cells of the body get resistant to insulin, then a disease called Diabetes mellitus type 2 developed. This disease can be treated through the agents that increase the amount of insulin that is secreted by the pancreas.

This can also be treated with the agents that increase the sensitivity of target organs to insulin. Diabetes mellitus Type 2 is also treated with the agents that lower the rate at which glucose is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. In Type II diabetes, usually, the drugs prescribed are administered by mouth. It is also noticed that people who are suffering from diabetes also have heart disease like hypertension.

Complete Range of Cardiac and Diabetes Medicine Company

Why it is said that people with diabetes have cardiovascular diseases?

High blood pressure or hypertension: It is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. For instance, if a patient has both hypertension and diabetes, which is a common combination, their risk for cardiovascular disease will be automatically doubled.

Abnormal cholesterol and high triglycerides: It is seen that the patient with diabetes often has unbalanced cholesterol levels including high bad cholesterol, good cholesterol, and high triglycerides.

Obesity: Obesity is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and it is strongly related to insulin resistance. Weight loss can improve cardiovascular risk.

Lack of physical activity: This is another modifiable major risk factor for insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Exercising and losing weight prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, reduce blood pressure and help reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke.

Smoking: Smoking is the root cause of heart disease and stroke. However, it does not matter whether the patient has diabetes or not.


Cardiac Products Pharma Pcd Company

Are You Searching for Cardiac Products Pharma Pcd Company?

CORAZON , Is a division of ARLAK BIOTECH has been active in marketing highly sophisticated products to meet the upcoming demand for cardiovascular therapeutic formulations in the market.

We are also known for providing the best quality Cardiac Diabetic PCD pharma products.

The division has unmatched cardiac Diabetic formulations made under strict quality

control measures to meet the patient’s need for various cardiovascular diseases.

Arlak Biotech also got a prize for its quality PCD Pharma Products.

Cardiovascular disorders are becoming common with the increasing number of patient’s visits
Corazon (division of Arlak Biotech) expertise in CARDIO & DIABETIC pharma products & Formulations. Our formulation development team and regulatory department are focused on bringing the latest molecules to our markets with expedience thereby guaranteeing a constant flow of the latest PCD Pharma products to our customers.number of obese and diabetic patients.

Cardiac Products Pharma Pcd Company

Poor life style, geriatric the increasing incidence of population suffering from cardiovascular disease and rising Cardiovascular disease drug market is expected to demonstrate a healthy growth rate due. We are also providing all cardiac diabetic products on affordable prices to our customers towards healthy living in India) Division has been successful in contributing to the needs of these patients to cardiac specialty clinics. Corazon (Cardiac & Diabetic PCD pharma Franchise company

Arlak Biotech is a leading pharma company with a wide range of products like antibiotics, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Protein Powder, Injectables, and other pcd Pharma Products. These pharma products are manufactured from high grade chemicals, protein, vitamin, minerals and other material in accurate composition. Arlak biotech is one of the best India’s pharmaceutical companies that is delivering the best pcd pharma products to its customers.

Arlak Team has a rich knowledge of the Indian Pharmaceutical market and the best work practices for great success. We are also looking for young and dynamic people to join us as business associates and to be part of this growing company.

Arlak Biotech is a PCD Pharma company with a wide range of pharmaceutical products like antibiotics, syrup, injection, Capsule, Protein Powder and other pharmaceutical products. Arlak Biotech also markets a wide range of pharma products some of them use to improve quality of life and others. Its also offering franchise dealership. We are also looking for dynamic and young people to join us as a PCD pharma franchise and to be part of this growing Pharma distributor company.

Get a Pharma Franchise Pharma PCD You need Marketing for Pharma, PCD Pharma, do you want to be a pharma franchise, Looking for Pharma PCD or Pharma Franchise contact Mr. Umesh Kalra 09888885355

Arlak Biotech Private Limited

Advantages of being a Franchise of CORAZON. The Company has all Cardiac and Diabetic Products with Best Packing and Promotional Material. CORAZON is a Division of ARLAK BIOTECH:-

The company has more than 1000 products in 5 Divisions and adding more according to market demand.

Cardiac Products Pharma Pcd Company
  • All products are Excise duty-free.
  • The Company is ISO 9001:2008 Certified & Productions are in GMP Certified units.
  • Company Provides Sample, Visual Aids, LBL, Reminder cards, Visiting card, Order books, MR bags, ASM bags, Pads, Gift articles for better penetration in the market.
  • The company also provides Product manual, Product information updates to keep its associates (Franchise) well informed.
  • Advertisement support in Leading Medical Journals, Medical Indexes like IDR, CIMS, Drug Today, Drug Index, Drug Update, Medicine Update, ADR, etc.
  • Annual Target Incentives.
  • Monthly Promotional Schemes.
  • Order Execution in 24 Hours.
  • Every month Gift For Doctors.

The company understands new demands of the market & introduces new molecules every month to help associates to grow faster and deeper in the market.

Area Covers:

Andra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal

If u want to become our Franchise Fill up the Enquiry Form OR Just SMS CORAZON at + 91- 7087571536 / 9888885355. Our Sale Executive will contact you and dispatch your kit containing (Rate list, samples, catalog, Incentive Scheme, Monthly Gift Scheme)within 2 working days